This weekend’s forecast

This weekend’s forecast

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New Hampshire – Good Afternoon. Here’s your updated weekend forecast.

We are still monitoring the low pressure system that according to models, has shifted and will remain going just south of us, which means that the rain chances have significantly gone down to a very minimal chance. The only areas that may see rain, would be Extreme Southern New Hampshire with stray/scattered showers. More widespread showers and rain will be likely in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

For here in New Hampshire, most of the state will remain mostly sunny with highs near 60 for both Saturday and Sunday, winds will still be gusting over 20 MPH for the area as again the low pressure system will be approaching from the south. Expecting mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies for the week, except for a disturbance will bring some scattered showers on Tuesday. Again High Temperatures will be in the upper 50’s to low to mid 60’s, with no major rainfall or weather expected. Overall, it will be a nice weekend for any outdoor activities.

Have a great weekend, James

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