Friday Afternoon’ Forecast

Friday Afternoon’ Forecast

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We got a few inches of snow for a good portion of the state last night, making the road conditions poor in some locations. Plows did a good job keeping up on the main roadways and highways from what I noticed on my commute home.

Winds will be gusty over the next couple of days, with wind gusts this afternoon/ evening could be up to 45 mph in some localized areas. General wind gusts of 25-30 mph will be likely state wide this afternoon and continuing to gust 25-30 mph through tomorrow evening before winding down.

Temperatures will remain in the 20’s to lower 30’s with wind chills in the teens as well.

Mostly Sunny skies will remain today, with a chance of some snow showers Saturday Night.

Overnight temperatures will dip into the low 20’s to upper teens.

Have a great rest of your Friday!!

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